Don’t be afraid of the dull days between All Hello Eve and Guy Fox Night! Collins’ Word of the Year award is meant to make the celebration even more interesting! However, in the interest of full disclosure, I thought it was going to take me the most time to work out how to pause the later celebration.

But it turns out that the grammatical rule is that the right to commemorate is not the same, and the fact that both merge in my mind (if you are reminded, it’s your night, isn’t it? Your big night !) Neither here nor there, speaking apostately.

But back to the big news! Here, without further ado, are the top five contenders – the word Collins (by monitoring word output in all types of media and consulting their 4.5 billion word database) has seen the biggest increase in visibility in the past year, which Social and reflective.

Cultural development, and gained traction for both good and bad reasons. Collins doesn’t do justice. It only investigates and records. Unless it does justice, and one of them is named Word of the Year, obviously.

Most surprisingly, perhaps, “Unicorn” has made the list. The legendary silver-and-white horse with a spiral horn in the sense of the beloved – capable of removing poisonous water and curing disease – sprouted from its forehead, matured from antiquity to religious and secular symbolism and many in modern times. Cartoon-related opportunities for very young children for exploitative goods have not yet developed significant faculties ”, it has recently developed the meaning loved by a small demographic, launching a new business (usually technology).

As for the shorthand which quickly becomes worth more than a billion dollars. It’s not as rare as the “real” unicorns, though if you’ve seen any Mike Judge comedy Silicon Valley, you’ll know that the process by which they become so astronomically valuable is almost mythical and mysterious. Of the animal itself.

Then there is “Gig Economy”. Officially, it is an economy with few permanent employees and most jobs are assigned to temporary or independent workers. On the upside, giggers have complete freedom and flexibility to work whenever appropriate.

On the downside, they also have complete freedom from things like pensions and sick pay. But it usually works fine if you a) are in your 20s and therefore never get sick and never get old and you need all the free time to work on your unicorn app idea And b) because there are enough gigs and enough economy to score. Which will remain completely forever. Don’t worry so much!

“Echo Chamber” – an environment, especially on a social media site, in which a statement of opinion can be greeted with approval as it will only be read or heard by like-minded people – even a busy year Has been.

It is a deceptively quiet-sounding phrase, looking at scenes of cold stone rooms, lightly dotted, leaning against columns and muttering soothing words to each other, while a string The quartet plays lightly in the background. In fact, we need a different one for Kacofoni, even among friends, to experience social media. “Group roar in the void”.

A more uplifting vision on the shortlisted “Cuffing Season”; Autumn and winter periods, when single people are considered more likely to seek settled relationships rather than engage in casual affairs. All this goes to prove what I have long believed – that when it comes to deep and lasting happiness, it must be forged in the desire to kick the leaves together, rather than stripping Free rein on your sweater to bundle and double her allowance without any effort or expense to make the big party smaller.

But the Word of the Year award goes to fake “fake news”. This is, of course, information disseminated under the guise of false – often sensational – news reporting. And it is everywhere. Trolls are now coordinating. Biased news channels no longer verify anything.

Newspapers still try, but the whole fact-finding service of print journalism is just a man sifting through a yellow set of cuttings in a shed in Des Moines while trying to call experts on a landline. Which was cut off by the Russians months ago. Democracy, as we know it, is over. Preaching is king. Happy Bonfire Night! Burn everything.

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