Haryana Gram Darshan Portal – हरियाणा ग्राम दर्शन पोर्टल – Gram Panchayat Record

We know that the services provided by all the state governments in our country are being digitized. Keeping this in mind, Haryana Gram Darshan Portal has been started by the Government of Haryana. We know that in our country the services provided by the government were launched in the form of documents. So that information about any services or schemes could not reach the people. But in today’s time, by starting Haryana Gram Darshan Portal, transparency has been provided in the online method by making the services started by the government to the citizens of the state.

Haryana Gram Darshan Portal

Haryana Gram Darshan Portal

Under the Haryana Gram Darshan Portal launched by the Haryana government. It will be ensured that the services launched by the government are being delivered to the citizens. Through this portal, the citizens of Haryana state will be able to get information about various development works, projects, and schemes being started by the government, and will be able to avail of all these services easily. Under the Haryana Gram Darshan Portal to be launched by the government. The citizens of the state will be able to convey their demands to the govt as per their requirements. Through this online system, all citizens sitting at home can visit the portal and get info about all the services.

Main Objective of Haryana Gram Darshan Portal

We know that there are many people in our country who are unaware of which services have been started or are being done by the government. In such a situation, many citizens are not able to take advantage of the services started by the government. Due to which they feel that any kind of services has not been started by the government. Keeping this problem in mind, Haryana Gram Darshan Portal has been started by the Government of Haryana.

The main objective of the Haryana Gram Darshan Portal is to digitize the data of all 6197 Gram Panchayats of the state, all the residents of the state can now get information about all the work done in their state through the online system, in which scheme the work has been done in the village and the benefits of which schemes have been given to the rural family. The complete information will now be made available on the portal. This very important portal has been launched by the state government. All the people of the state can now get all the information of their village from the portal. Citizens can now avail the facility for which scheme is given to them by the state government.

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Providing all information to rural citizens

Haryana government will ensure that all government services are reaching the people of the state through this Haryana Gram Darshan Portal. With the launch of this portal, the citizens of the village will now get information about the various development works, projects and schemes to be done in the village and will be able to convey their demands to the state govt as per their requirements. Haryana Gram Darshan Portal will also upload information and guidelines related to the development plan of other departments.

To bring government services to rural citizens

Through the Gram Darshan Portal Haryana launched by the state government. The families of rural areas will be given the benefits of all government schemes. Under the portal, people will now have awareness and they can demand from the government for the scheme which is not being provided by the government. On this Portal, all the information about all the development schemes of other departments and the guidelines of the schemes, all those information will also be made available on the portal.

Benefits of Haryana Gram Darshan Portal

  • The digital record of Gram Panchayats of Haryana is on this Portal.
  • This was announced by the govt on 02-10-2020.
  • In this portal launched by the state government, info about the complete development plans of each village has been made available.
  • All the info related to whatever work will be done for the rural area will also be made available on this portal.
  • Under this Portal launched by the govt, it will also be ensured whether the benefits of all govt yojanas are reaching the common man or not.
  • Info related to Village Secretary, Sarpanch, etc. will also be made available on the This started by the State Govt & apart from this.
  • Through this Website, all govt services will become easy for common citizens.
  • Info related to all govt Yojanas issued by the govt will also be made available on this website.

Haryana Gram Darshan App Download Process

  • To download this app, first, you have to go to Google Play Store on your mobile phone.
  • After this, by typing Haryana Gram Darshan in the search box, click on the search button. Now the list of apps will come on display, you will have to tap on the first app.
  • After this, you have to download the app by clicking on install.
  • In this way, you can download this aap.

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Why this portal has been implemented in the state?

The main objective of implementing the portal in the state is to provide all the information related to Gram Panch

What is the official website of the Haryana Gram Darshan Portal?

The official website of the portal is harpanchayats.gov.in.

What benefits will the citizens of the state get through Gram Darshan Portal Haryana?

Through the portal, adequate information will be made available to the citizens of the state for all the development works of the state.

Who has released the portal?

The portal has been released by the Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar.

Can the citizens of the state put their problems before the government to fulfill their demands under This?

Yes, the citizens of the state can put their demands in front of the government as per their requirements under the portal.

What is the purpose of this Portal?

The main objective of Haryana Gram Darshan started by the state government is to store all the information of rural districts on the portal by the Haryana government.

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