In a galaxy a long time ago, far away … It’s been 40 years since Star Wars first came to the big screen and with the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, we’ve been exploring the Star Wars universe for intergalactic terms. Have decided. Facility in Collins Dictionary. Read on, you must.


A term that spawned a grassroots movement in the UK alone as more than 150,000 official Jedi Knights, the Collins English Dictionary defines a Jedi as: ‘A person who claims to live according to a philosophy based on fictional Jedi. Does. , A race of wizards in the Star Wars series of George Lucas films’.

Where does it come from? Well, this question is for debate. It is said that George Lucas was greatly influenced by Japanese cinema while making his world, especially Akira Kurosawa’s period drama. So it is possible that Jedi is derived from Japanese 時代 (jidageki), which are movies about samurai.


“It’s Jedi Knight’s weapon. Not clumsy or random as an explosive. A beautiful weapon for a more civilized era.”

Shmmmmmmmmm! कुविशुउउउउउउउ! Vmmmmmmmm! Have you ever triumphantly rolled a Christmas wrapping paper, Luke Skywalker style roll? LightSaber is another term unique to the Star Wars universe, defined as: ‘A fictional energy weapon depicted in the Star Wars universe, more than a meter long, with a metal tilt that produces a luminous energy. Projects the blade. ‘

Lightsaber is a Portmantu, made up of ‘Light’ and ‘Saber’. Light was probably chosen as a way to represent physical energy, while the ‘saber’ (or saber outside the US) is a heavy 17th century sword used by soldiers in early modern warfare. There are curved blades. One could say that a lightbuster battle requires elegance similar to that of a good swordsman.


Formed by special effects artist John Steers, a Droid is a fictional robot with somewhat artificial intelligence. It has also been a trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. since 2009, where they also claimed that it was a term for a wireless communication device – unfortunately for Verizon Wireless who pay a license fee to use the term.

The word ‘Droid’ is a clipped form of ‘Android’, a robot resembling a human, derived from the late Greek word androeidēs itself, meaning ‘manlike’. Interestingly, the word ‘droid’ was first used in a science fiction story published in 1952 by Marie Wolf fifteen years before the Star Wars movie.

Hunter hunting for reward

According to the Collins Dictionary, a bounty hunter is ‘a person who tries to find or kill someone to get a reward’. In the Star Wars universe, Bounty Hunters is a cunning operation, sometimes together as part of a larger mission or to track down dangerous targets.

In the late 13th century a gift was defined as a gift or reward, a side that was given freely in recognition of politeness or heroism. Until the 17th century, it expanded its definition as a reward for killing or capturing an enemy or a particularly dangerous animal.

Bounty Hunter as a mixing word was first recorded in 1893 in reference to wild animals, which is probably why ‘hunter’ was added in reference to hunting animals for food or sport.


The primary adversary in this epic space opera, Sith had a deep desire to control the galaxy for a thousand years or more. In the films, they are portrayed as an ancient monastic and academic organization of unnaturally talented warriors and enemies of the selfless Jedi.

We had to dig deeper into the dictionary for this, because Sith does not really appear in the main Collins English Dictionary in the required context. It is possible that the Sith lies in Irish AES SD – often spelled ‘Sith’ – a supernatural race in Gaelic mythology sometimes plagued by evil and mischief.

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